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ECCE grants

The Early Childhood Care and Education scheme (ECCE) was introduced by government in 2010 and to date has proven to be one of the most successful initiatives in relation to childcare.

The scheme provides free preschool for every child from 3 years to 5 years 6 months, regardless of means.

Bright Sparks receives a subvention which entitles your child to attend for 183 days over 38 weeks, for a period of three hours per day. There are no top-up fees required from parents.

To enter the scheme, your child must be three years old. There are three entry dates per school year: September, January and April. Entry is subject to availability and compliance with minimum age requirement.


For more government information on ECCE, click here or ask us about the scheme.


TEC (Training and Employment Childcare programmes)

TEC, the government’s Training and Employment Childcare schemes, includes Childcare Education and Training Support scheme (CETS).

CETS is aimed at parents who wish to attend training with a view to returning to work. The scheme allows parents to access extremely well subsidised childcare while attending college.

Parents may request a full or after school place depending on the age of their child/children. Bright Sparks receive a payment from An Pobal and parents are asked to contribute a maximum top-up of €3 per day for after school and €5 per day for a full time place.

Parents wishing to access this scheme will need a letter from their college stating their course is eligible for CETS.

For more government information  click here or ask us about CETS and other TEC schemes.