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What subsidies are available to parents?

Outside of the usual Child Benefit, which is paid automatically, there are some benefits specifically targeted to the cost of childcare.

These are government funded schemes where funding goes directly to the childcare provider. This in turn allows them to offer free and extremely well-subsidised childcare places. See our ECCE and TEC blot (above) for more information.

Do the children have to bring a packed lunch?

No, all meals are provided. The Montessori-only pupils, who attend from 8:45am–11:45am, may bring a small midmorning snack. Otherwise, all meals, including snacks, are provided.

How safe is the journey from the local schools ?

All three local schools connect directly to each other and, through a private entrance, to our back garden! Pupils coming from Scoil Áine, Scoil Íde, Scoil Mhuire and St Joseph’s never set foot on a public road.

Staff turnover can be high in some crèches. Is this the case with Bright Sparks?

Not at all. As a manager I feel extremely lucky to have been able to retain the same team since opening our doors in 2004. Apart from recruiting two new members of staff this year, our team has remained unchanged. I value greatly this continuity of care as I feel it’s so important for children to be able to develop a trusting relationship with their carers.