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WHILE Bright Sparks has been on the go for many years now, I have been in teaching and childcare for the last eighteen.
I completed my training at the London Montessori  College, and went on to take a Diploma in Childcare Management from the Portobello School of Further Education. I have since completed the Fetac Level 6 major award in Childcare supervision.
(For more detail, see Qualifications.)
I am a firm believer in constantly upskilling and keeping abreast of the latest developments in childcare. To this end I have completed many other training courses including Child Protection awareness training, leadership development, Supporting Social and Emotional Development, and Data Protection and Confidentiality in Childcare.  
Training remains a priority for myself and the other members of the team.
The Montessori method, with its emphasis on structured play, attracted me from the beginning.
Since I launched Bright Sparks in 2004, my happiest memories involve the very shy child coming out of his shell, the quieter one learning how to chat and play with the others, sharing toys, experiences and games.
So I suppose my take on Montessori is a little different: I see it chiefly as an aid to the child’s social development. It is later, at five or six years, that the educational benefit comes into its own. More about that in We Offer.
Unfortunately, due to the demands of running a busy service, I don’t get to spend as much time in the classroom but I still love to pop in and see what’s going on, giving a hand when needed.
I like to keep parents up to date with what’s happening in their child’s classroom by posting on our Facebook page, BRIGHT SPARKS MONTESSORI & DAYCARE.
Find us on Facebook for more information:

                                                            — Laura Cullen, Founder